EST. | 2020

Vesterbrogade 124



The Place

Vaest is located in the outskirts of Vesterbro and is situated in rooms of rich background in nightlife. After a fine touch of the Vaest crew the place has started to show all of its former character. With it’s Roman inspired antique ceiling and warm brick walls, Vaest is the perfect setting for a unique atmosphere. Vaest is dedicated to bringing together friendly and professional staff, a unique and cozy environment and the backbone of the music that has made Danish, as well as international music, what it is today. This is made possible through our family of professional bartenders, our more than 25-years experienced DJ and our distinctive record collection of both classics and hidden gems from the 60s to today . Vesterbro is known for it’s very notable surroundings and population why it has become a mission for Vaest to both express, support and contribute to Vesterbro’s cozy and laid-back local environment and culture and the residents taste for quality.

The Team

Vaest would not have become what it is without the diversity of the team behind the place. The team is a combination of club owners, DJs, bar managers, musicians, and carpenters who all have one thing in common. A profound love of characteristic nightlife, music and drinks. They have all been a part of the process of both building the bar, the menu and the music profile and the diversity of the team is what makes Vaest unique and distinct. The different backgrounds can be spotted around the rooms of Vaest from the records and instruments on the walls to the American chestnut bar. The difference in the opinions of the team has made sure that every small part and item in the bar is carefully selected to fit the purpose of Vaest. Our family is looking forward to meeting you.



Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding parties or table booking for larger numbers. Also we are available if anything is forgotten or if you have questions.

Opening hours:

Thursday: 16-22

Friday: 16-22

Saturday: 16-22